Hello Kitty, Hello Katre

I’m a lifelong Hello Kitty fan.

As a kid, I would always gravitate towards anything that had Hello Kitty prints.  In fact, one of the oldest items that I still have from my childhood is a Hello Kitty wallet I received when I was about 10.  I am now 46, and still, my love for her endures.

My beloved wallet is almost 40 years old!

So I was ecstatic upon finding out that my favorite local leather bag label KATRE was teaming up with Sanrio to create the Katre x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Bag collection.  A first local bag collaboration for both Sanrio and Katre.

The Thames, Bumbag and Camden in Oat

Katre is a 10 year old Leather goods company founded by designer Kat Manalo Erro.  As one of the label’s first customers, I’ve seen how her creations have only gotten better through the years.  Kat is meticulous in her choice of materials and craftsmanship, plus her designs are gorgeous and functional, so its no wonder she has a growing number of loyal followers. I am proudly one of them. 

Hanging with Suzi Abrera, Kat Erro and Luane Dy

A couple of days ago the collection was finally formally launched at the Glass House in Greenbelt 5.  I was giddy with excitement and ready to get my hands on the bags.

My target was the biggest one they had, the Camden.  I actually have 3 different iterations of the Camden bag already in my closet but THIS is the best one yet.  This zippable KxHK Camden Tourist Convertible can pack a lot AND be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag and a backpack.   Can you actually say no to the cute Kitty-in-the-car print?  I can’t…..I really can’t.

oh Camden, my Camden

Another favorite of mine is the Thames Camera Bag.  it looks deceptively small but can carry quite a lot including a long wallet, two phones, car keys and lipstick.

It was futile to resist so I got both!

Holding the Piccadilly Pint and the Thames Camera Bag

The Katre x Hello kitty Limited edition Collection has 5 designs in 5 colors:  Classic Red, yellow, Blue, Black and Oat.  Apart from the Camden Tourist Convertible and Thames Camera Bag, they also have the Double Zip Hanover Midi (travel and work companion), the all leather Bumbag 2.0 and the all new Piccadilly Pint.  5 handbag designs in 5 different sizes and colors that can be worn anytime, with anything, everywhere.

the best selling color…always

They are now available at the Katre Glass House pop up store, 3/F Greenbelt 5 and at www.shopkatre.com

Luane Dy with her Piccadilly Pint
The perfect red
It’s in the details…
Double Zip Hanover Midi in blacl
Suzi Abrera with her Camden
How adorable is this?
Kitty White (Hello Kitty’s real name) bikes!
Hello Yellow
Moi, Kat and Luane


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