• “I have never been asked about a FRIENDS reunion” – Paul Rudd

  • “It’s only through hardship we grow. It’s our love and our connections that are worth everything and are worth fighting for”- Brad Pitt

  • Who ghosted Spider-Man Tom Holland?

  • Chris Hemsworth wants to erase your memories Plus he confesses his kids’ feelings about FAT THOR

  • HUGH JACKMAN sings in FILIPINO! plus he talks Zendaya, bullying and bleeding.

  • Karen Gillan on Nebula, Funnymen RDJ & ChrisPratt plus fangirling over Jeff Goldblum

  • Director Joe Russo and Exec Producer Trinh Tran on Fake Avengers Script and the best superhero

  • Evangeline Lilly’s advice to little girls and her best memories of staying in the Philippines!

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