Waiting On You Review

Book:  Waiting On You

Author:  Kristan Higgins

Publisher:  Harlequin

Genre:  Adult Contemporary Romance


One heartbreak was enough to make Colleen swear off love.  Maybe not forever, as she is in love with the idea of love, but she can’t seem to connect with anyone.  Sexcapades aside, she never took to any other guy, so playing around became her thing, attached to it a reputation she couldn’t care less about.

Lucas needs to go back to Manningsport and leave just as fast.  His uncle is dying and he needs to wrap up loose ends, one being his cousin Bryce who can’t seem to grow up.

Seeing Colleen complicates things as old feelings come back in full force fast. And although Colleen can never forget how he broke her heart, she also can’t forget how he made her whole…..once.

Throw an ex-wife (Lucas’), ex bed partners (Colleen’s), nosy family, old friends and an angry twin into the mix and life gets in their way… for better or worse.


When it comes to books, the journey matters just as much as the destination. It is not just knowing how the story ends (happily I always hope), but how the characters get there.  Waiting On You is one book that kept me happy from the very beginning to the end.  From the characters down to the dialogues, everything was snappy yet full of heart.

I first met the character of Colleen in Levi and Faith’s book, The Best Man.  Even then she had the killer wit and snarky remarks that made me burst into laughter.  Two books later she still has it in spades.  Only this time, I finally saw her weakness and strength.  Weakness for the only man she has ever loved, and strength for surviving heartbreak twice.  Higgins wrote her in such a way that made me invest in her emotionally.  I wanted her happy.  I wanted her to Win.  It broke my heart when Lucas left, knowing that it was not for lack of love but for a stupid, careless mistake that thankfully, is righted 10 years after the fact.

Surrounding her are characters who have found a place in my heart.  Having been familiar with them for 3 books (and counting), reading this made me feel like I was seeing my neighbors again, enjoying moments and (one way) conversations with them.  It felt like coming home.

Higgins has written many books, most of which I have read.  I must say though that THIS is my favorite.  In fact the whole Blue Heron series is a favorite.  I love how each book is better than the last.  And how, though scenes tend to be a tad dramatic (this is romance after all), it’s still realistic enough to believe. so go ahead, Fall in love with them as I have…


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