Riding & Raising the Roof the Electric Way!

Love. Sweat. Gratitude.

These are the words written on the walls of Electric Studios, the first and largest Indoor cycling in the metro.

and it’s perfect. 

Because every time I ride with the electric community, I actually feel these.  Every ride would be a positive experience, It changes one’s day, and never was the emphasis about losing weight.  Something which I appreciate because as a person who has had weight issues since childhood, leaving those thoughts outside the door can be freeing.

Last February 22, 2020, I was able to join their much awaited annual Electric Rooftop Ride held at Fairways Tower, BGC.

I knew of it because my friend Pia is a regular at Electric Studio.  I would attend classes with her whenever I could but have been remiss lately because of scheduling conflicts.  I was excited because I knew it would be a party, and I was right!

From the moment we entered the venue, we were pumped with energy.  We arrived in the midst of the first class so people were already milling about, eating, drinking, chatting, taking loads of pictures and posting insta stories, dancing and of course, Riding.

enjoying the endorphins

Ours was the 7:30pm class so we had time to have our hair braided (for free!) by hair experts from Jesi Mendez salon.  After which I dropped off my bag at the main counter and collected the riding shoes I would borrow (I have my own but the cleats didn’t match the ones on their bikes) from Electric. 

In between this and our actual ride, Pia and I just chatted with friends new and old and took lots of photos.  The view from 30 floors up is magnificent.  The city lights added beauty to the energy we all were dying to burn.

Pia and I enjoying the view from the top

I was assigned bike #75 which was at the very back and thank goodness for that Electric because honestly, my riding capability is not at par with that of everyone else’s.  The riders all around me were strong and most of the ride was at a speed I could only wish to conquer in the future.  But still I had an amazing time!

The back is the best!

The ride started with music from the movie THE LION KING, Circle of Life.  an unexpected choice of song but it worked, especially with lanterns paraded in when the song began. 

the view from bike #75

I don’t really remember the rest of the playlist after the first song…… I just know that I felt pure energy, lightness, joy, exhaustion…… and admiration for the kick ass teachers Cat Cantada (who has abs to die for) and Armand Mendoza whose guitar playing rocked the crowd even higher.  Both were amazing instructors.  Our 45 minute ride ended with Armand’s guitar AND Cat’s cute son pumping the crowd with his own guitar “playing”.

Partying with the instructors…. check out that guitar!

We made a beeline for the food (salad so delicious) and drinks (Gin and Tonic or beer….choose your poison!) while still on an endorphin high and danced to the pumping music until all the rides were done and the last class ended with a parade of sparklers.

eating and drinking when exhausted is the best

Leaving an exercise event at 9:30 in the evening is something I have never done before.  I’m allergic to any form of exercise that’s beyond my early afternoon cut off.  But when the next Electric rooftop ride rolls around, I’ll be sure to put my name in again.  Who knows? maybe by then you’ll find me in the front row (wish!!!).

A special thanks to my friend Pia Halili and Electric Studio.

getting my braid done
the front desk for checking in and dropping off stuff
there was a set up where people could take a photo with that view
the aftermath. look at that hair!
the woman with those abs! Cat Cantada.
exercising with a friend is the best!
going home happy
salad for a light dinner
Gin and Tonic please




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