LYNamnam: Kinamatisang Pork

Like so many people around the world, this CoVid 19 pandemic has forced me to learn….. or in some cases, relearn, a lot of the things I used to take for granted.

The biggest one being The Joy of cooking.

The last time I remember being truly active in creating and trying new recipes out in my kitchen was around 12 years ago.

But this quarantine has turned me into Mrs. Homemaker….

something which my family, especially my daughter, is loving.

so let me share with you some successful recipes that I have learned, cooked, served and tweaked.

This is the Kinamatisang Pork. (Pork stewed in Tomatoes).

Perhaps the easiest viand to make.  All one has to do is chop the ingredients, throw them in a pot and come back after an hour and a half.

It also has very few ingredients.  These are:

1 kilo pork (Pork ribs or Kasim)

1 kilo fresh, very ripe tomatoes

1/2 cup fish sauce

1 kilo potatoes

3 pieces of green chili pepper.

This recipe is good for a family of 5.

Eat Well!



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