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Watching a US television show as an audience member is something I have always wanted to do.  One reason is because I work on a morning show in my country, so the curiosity to learn the differences and similarities between our shows is very strong.  Another reason is that I really enjoy watching these shows (albeit only online since they are not shown on our cable TV), particularly Good Morning America.

Research led me to  It is a website where you can get FREE tickets to some US TV shows.   I simply registered and started trying to book shows on specific dates that I would be in New York.  Each request needs to be approved and tickets are not assured, so to raise our chances on getting tickets,  my friend and I both registered individually and coordinated the dates we would book.  Lucky for us, Instead of just one, we were able to watch a total of 4 shows, one of which was on my actual 46th birthday!

waiting in line to watch GMA

Both of the shows Live With Kelly and Ryan and Strahan, Sara and Keke are taped, but Good Morning America is always live so we had to be in line at their Times Square studio by 6:30am at most.  While in line, the very able GMA staff checked our tickets and put colored paper bands on our wrists. 

Only those wearing bands were allowed to go through the main door where our bags were checked. We then went up a flight of stairs and were asked to check in our coats and bags.  (Only tiny purses, phones and cameras are allowed inside studio proper.   Taking photos with no flash is allowed but never while on the air). 

We were all advised to use the restroom because once seated, we wouldn’t be able to leave until the show ended, which could be an hour or more. 

On my way to the restroom, I saw actor Josh Gad walk in front of me. I was FROZEN (pun intended) on the spot and though I wanted to ask for a selfie, all I could squeak out was a loud “Oh my Gad!” and lost my chance.  My Olaf moment became Olats (only Pinoys can understand this one ha!)

The seating arrangement is not based on how early or late you get there, instead they have a staff member who selects where people sit.  They do state in their 1iota FAQ that they advise the audience to wear light and solid color clothes which looks great on TV, especially a morning show.

I was wearing a solid yellow orange top, so even though I was one of the last people to come in, I ended up sitting in front and therefore saw all the action up close.

Up close and personal

Before the hosts came in and joined us, they had a staff member entertain the audience.  He was in charge of teaching us our cues for clapping and verbal reactions.  I remember him introducing himself as Pete and that he actually works as a comic outside GMA.  He was funny and very energetic, with just enough sass to fire us all up.

The first portion we were able to watch was Gad’s.  He joined all 4 hosts: Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer, George Stephanopoulos and TJ Holmes on the set and talked about his latest movie Frozen 2. 

Thrilled was I to no end when after Gad, mega producer J.J. Abrams came on and talked about the latest (and last) STAR WARS movie and gave all the audience members IMAX movie tickets to see it (too bad i can’t use the tickets in Manila eh?). 

Then came the guest artist, country singer Jason Aldean.  He taped an interview and a live performance with Sara Haines and Keke Palmer for the latter’s own show which also tapes on the GMA set.  During this time, all the hosts of GMA left the set as their show was technically over, except for one: Robin Roberts.

with Robin Roberts

Robin has a reputation for being the nicest, kindest and most accommodating of all hosts.  In fact, while I was in line outside the building that morning, I heard their staff telling those who came without tickets (and therefore could not go in) to wait on the other side of the building where Roberts usually greets GMA fans after the show. 

I have been a fan of hers for awhile now and one prayer of mine on this trip was to be able to take a photo with her. 

I got that, and more!

Before Aldean performed, the audience members were told that Roberts would in fact, stay with us until the end of his performance, so she could take photos with ALL OF US. 

Jason Aldean

I was floored.  Imagine that.  Roberts, the main anchor of Good Morning America, waiting to accommodate all 200 plus of us? 

She waited at the back of the studio, quietly standing, watching as Aldean performed. After that, one by one, we were ushered towards her for our photo.

When it was my turn, she sweetly asked how I was and waited for me to reply.  I was so nervous I don’t even know what I answered.  But it didn’t matter because her warmth just radiated and made me feel welcome.

she was standing at the back the entire time!

This gesture meant so much to me,  more so because just minutes before, as she was doing her closing spiels for Good Morning America, she said goodbye, on behalf of her co-hosts, to a former co-worker who passed on after a brave battle with cancer.  She was understandably emotional but composed. 

So for her to still do what she did with us when she never had to…..that just shows what kind of a person she is.  No wonder everyone loves her!


host Lara Spencer hilariously points out to her Floor Director that we’re wearing the exact same colors. Dance partners?


My happy face, sitting around Times Square, right after the GMA taping


what you’ll see when you try to book on


A few things you need to know before going to Good Morning America.


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