Live With Kelly and Ryan

The show Live with Kelly and Ryan does not show in the Philippines.  I only get to watch portions of it online so getting the chance to watch it in their studio was something I couldn’t pass up.   We got our free tickets from, going through the same process as for the show Good Morning America. The main difference is that since we watched a taping and Not a live show, we didn’t have to wake up so early.  Their studio is a few blocks from Time Square and tapes about the same time in the same building as the talkshow The View so before lining up, we had to double check which show we were lining up for.

The line outside was long

Once inside the building, we were free to peruse the show’s merchandise being sold by the front door while waiting to be ushered into the studio.  

Theirs is a big studio that accommodates over 200 studio audience and it was a full house.  Luckily, my friend Val and I lined up early, plus we were wearing light colored clothes, so we were chosen to sit front row (again!). 

As you can see, we had the best seats in the house! 

my view the entire show

The hosts Kelly and Ryan  were fun to watch.  They engaged with the audience during and in between takes.  At the opening of the show, they talked about face mists and separately walked over to our section.  They each sprayed the mist on some faces in the front row, mine included.  Honestly I can’t remember what the exact brands are but i do remember not being overpowered by the smell and that both are actually refreshing on the skin.   If you get to watch that episode (Nov.27,2019) on their YouTube channel, don’t blink and you’ll see me…. a few times actually so Do Not Blink.

spritz and spray

seriously don’t blink!

Their main guest on the episode was John Boyega and as a Star Wars fan, it was nice to see him up close and personal with his very British sense of humor.  That was a fun interview to watch.

John Boyega of Star Wars

We were allowed to take photos in between and they had no specific rules about asking the hosts for a selfie, so at the tail end of their taping I was able to take one with Ryan. YEY! Too bad I wasn’t able to take one with Kelly. 

Ryan was nice about selfies with audience members


upon entering the building, this is the old sign you’ll see


i love that they have so many lights!!!
the sign outside their building


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